Universal Pattern
American Chinese Kenpo Karate

Mr. George Elmer Jr.
Mr. George Elmer Jr.
Founder and Senior Grandmaster (ACKKS)
10th Degree -- Senior Master of the Arts
School owner and Head Instructor

In Memory of George Auther Elmer Sr.

        Master Elmer began his training at the ripe young age of 10 in 1965 . He was strolling to school one day and was jumped, beat up and stuffed in a trash can. He ran home to only receive more from his father for ripping his brand new shirt. The next day he was going to school and saw across the street a boy doing the star block , he approached the boy and asked what he was doing the boy replied Kenpo. Since that day Master Elmer has never stopped training in the Art of Kenpo Karate. He received 1st degree black belt in 1975,during his training for his black belt he wore his brown belt for 5 full years.
        After the day of receiving his 1st degree black belt Master Elmer has become known in the local, national and international ranks of Kenpo. He is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and has preformed, and demonstrated the Art of  A.C.K.K  all over the United States, to thousands of people. Master Elmer has recently been recognized as the Founder of American Chinese Kenpo by his peers in the Kenpo society. After receiving such a honor it is only fit for Master Elmer to wear the rank of 10th degree black belt. Master Elmer has taught hundreds of students in his days. He has worked with movie stars, pro wrestlers, people of all shapes and sizes. Everyone can learn the art of A.C.K.K it does not matter your size or physical abilities. Master Elmer has a style of teaching his art like no other, he teaches with passion, love and respect for his mother art of American Kenpo.